What We Can Do For You

Posted by Gary Howland // June 13, 2017

Majestic Homes USA provides several services for homeowners and home buyers and we also work with investors. We see it as our mission to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods by improving houses in need of maintenance. In case you’re in the market to buy, sell or invest in real estate, we have the […]

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House For Sale In Palm Springs California? Here Are 3 Tips

Posted by Gary Howland // May 30, 2017

It’s not the easiest time to sell a house in Palm Springs. The amount of houses on the market is increasing a lot lately. It’s a trend that can be partly contributed to Canadian home owners cashing in on their foreign investment. They’ve seen their houses go up in value and the rising dollar rate […]

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The Best Way To Refinance A Home Mortgage

Posted by Gary Howland // May 23, 2017

If you’re not happy with your current mortgage and want to lower your monthly payment, you should definitely look into a refinance of the mortgage. There are some costs involved with the refinance but you might be able to earn it back within just a couple of years. Today we’ll explain some scenario’s in which […]

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How To Get The Best Deal When You Sell Your House

Posted by Tina Mincer // May 9, 2017

Selling a house is a once in a lifetime experience for most people. You might leave a lot of money on the table because of this inexperience, which can be prevented by properly preparing yourself. It’s expected that the demand for single-family homes will go up a great deal in the years ahead, mostly because […]

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5 Essential Tools For Investors

Posted by Eric Vriend // March 23, 2017

Tools For Investors

Investing in real estate involves a lot of work and time. You can use your time a lot more efficient when you have some helpful tools at your disposal. What you need are tools that are developed by experienced investors who understand how you think and where you need help. Tools that will take the […]

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How To Find A Private Lender

Posted by Tina Mincer // March 21, 2017

Find A Private Lender

There are many different ways to fund real estate deals. If you can find a private lender that’s willing to setup a loan with favorable conditions, you won’t have to go through a lengthy loan qualification process. Depending on your personal circumstances, it could make sense for you to use this type of financing. There […]

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How To Increase Your House’s Value On A Budget

Posted by Gary Howland // March 14, 2017

Increase House Value

Are you selling your home shortly but don’t have enough money to fix it up? There are a lot of minor things you can do on a small budget that will make your house look stunning again. First appearances last forever and you want your house to stand out to those entering it. You can […]

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How To Invest In Real Estate Without Money

Posted by Gary Howland // March 7, 2017

Invest In Real Estate

You might think that investing in real estate is only for the ultra-rich elite and not something you can get involved in. Don’t fall for this flawed logic because there are many ways to fund investments, even if you don’t have any money in the bank. You’ll be surprised how many wealthy people are sitting […]

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What To Know When Selling Your House FSBO

Posted by Tina Mincer // February 28, 2017

Selling Your House FSBO

Selling your house FSBO isn’t always as easy as some websites might lead you to believe.  If you don’t take time to set everything up correctly, it can be more expensive than using a real estate agent. There are some things you should know before you list your house for sale. We’ve listed 4 of […]

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How Do I Stop Paying Private Mortgage Insurance?

Posted by Gary Howland // February 23, 2017

Private Mortgage Insurance

Private Mortgage Insurance is something you’ll have to deal with when you’re buying a house with a down payment of less than 20%. You’ll have to pay a few hundred dollars every year to give the lender of your mortgage this type of protection. If you’re familiar with the rules of Private Mortgage Insurance, you […]

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