How To Keep Your House Cool

How To Keep Your House Cool

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Temperatures can rise to very unpleasant highs during the summers. It’s not only uncomfortable to live in a hot house, it also costs a lot of electricity to keep it cool. It’s good to know that there are clever ways to cool your house down at very little cost. We will discuss 4 of the best methods so that you will be prepared once the summer hits.


Close the blinds

Closing your blinds or curtains is probably the most simple and effective way to keep the heat outside. A lot of hot air comes in through the windows, especially if they are placed on the south or west side of your house. You can save about 15% on your energy bill by closing the blinds in the evening hours.

If you don’t like the look of blinds or curtains in your house, exterior blinds might be a better alternative for you. An extra advantage is that there are fully automated blinds available, which can be set to close and open at a specific time. Shutters are also a great solution, giving your house shade, security, ventilation and protection against storms.


Get the most out of your fans

You might not know it but a ceiling fan that’s rotating counter-clockwise, will produce cooler air than a fan rotating clockwise. When the summer is approaching, be sure to adjust your fans to this setting. It will feel like a nice sea breeze cooling you down.

If you have any adjustable fans, you could place some ice or a bucket of cold water in front of it to create a cool air flow.


Take it easy with heat creating activities

High humidity makes your room a lot hotter and unpleasant to be in. Instead of drying your clothes in the house, you can hang them outside to avoid driving humidity up. Another activity that increases the humidity by a great deal, is taking a shower. To get rid of the unpleasant humidity this brings in, turn on a fan after showering to blow the humid air out.

Using a stove or oven will increase the temperature in your house. This is not what you want on an already hot summer day. An outside summer kitchen will really come in handy at times like this. If you don’t have one, you can just use a barbecue or grill to do some outside cooking. Salads are also very refreshing to eat during the summer days and will save you from having to cook and heating up the house.


Plant a tree

By planting a tree at a strategic place in front of your house, you will keep the scorching sun from coming in. It will block the sunlight during the summer and when the leaves fall of in the wintertime, it will let in the sun again. This natural way to keep your house cool can be aesthetically pleasing too.

It’s calculated that the most efficient place to plant a tree is within 40 feet from the south side of the house or 60 feet from the west side. This will give your house the most shadow throughout the day. A tree on the west side of your house has the most benefits, reducing the carbon emissions from electricity in the summertime by up to 30%.


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