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In the years that I have known Tina and Gary, I have witnessed them practice with the utmost integrity. They treat their customers like family and work to make each and every situation a positive and successful experience. I look forward to watching them grow and transform peoples’ lives for the better. -A. Wing-

Tina and Gary have these awesome homes fixed up as if they would want to live in them. They work hard to make sure that the quality is excellent.They take tremendous pride in everything that they do with Majestic Homes. They are very generous in the support of community events and are a family oriented business. -T. Radar-

Gary and Tina are a couple of the most caring and personable investors I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. A great resource for anyone in this industry! -E. Blair-

Majestic Homes USA, LLC owned by Tina Mincer and Gary Howland is a company run by honest, forthright, caring individuals who have your best interest at heart! Tina and Gary have expertise in wholesaling, rehabbing and investing. They work alongside a network of professionals who can provide solutions for all of your real estate needs. They are great folks that you will enjoy working with! -M. Hackney-

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